The department offers outpatient and inpatient diagnostics and interventional/non-interventional therapy.

Outpatient procedures:

o Circumcision
o Prostate and bladder biopsy
o Vasectomy
o Insertion of a suprapubic catheter
o Ureteric stenting (double J stent)
o Transurethral slitting of urethral constrictions
o Thermotherapy of prostatic adenomas (PLFT-TUMT)

Inpatient procedures:

o Hydrocele and spermatocele surgery
o Radical orchiectomy for testicular cancer
o Testicular prosthesis
o Penile straightening according to NESBIT

o TUR-B including fluorescence diagnostics and irrigation
o Partial bladder resection including ureteral implantation
o Radical removal of the bladder with replacement construction out of the small intestine
o Removal of gallstones

o Transurethral bladder neck incision according to Turner-Warwick
o Transurethral resection of the prostate TURP
o Open prostate enucleation in the case of large adenomas
o Open radical retropubic prostatectomy including conservation of the neurovascular bundle
o Endoscopic diagnostics including flexible URS and biopsy
o Pyeloplasty for ureteral stricture
o Percutaneous renal fistula creation

o Organ-preserving tumor excision of tumors up to 3 cm or in imperative circumstances
o Radical transabdominal or lumbar nephrectomy in case of cancer, including adrenalectomy and lymphadenectomy
o Simple nephrectomy for benign illnesses and shrunken kidneys
o Stone therapy on the entire urinary tract from the renal calyx over the ureter and up to the bladder. Mainly using an endoscopic technique (Urs) including laser lithotripsy.

Incontinence in women:
o Burch colposuspension, if necessary, with vaginal descensus correction
o Use of tape surgery (TVT and TOT)

Incontinence in men:
o Paraurethral injection to strengthen the urinary sphincter (Macroplastique)
o Use of tape surgery on the pelvic floor (ADVANCE)
o Implantation of AMS urinary control system


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