Chief of the Paediatric and Adolescent Clinic / Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Lang

Specialist for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine – Paediatric Gastroenterologist - Neonatologist
Head of Neonatology in the Perinatal Center

T +49 8151 18-2330
F +49 08151 18-2379

Expertise: Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the liver and pancreas, paediatric and adolescent nutrition, chronic irritable bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease, colitis), cystic fibrosis, Wilson’s disease, infectious diseases, endoscopic procedures, pH monitoring, ultrasound diagnostics, premature and new-born medicine.

Senior Consultant

PD Dr. med. Susanne Jonat

Specialist for Paediatric – Neonatologist


Dr. med. Michael Mair

Specialist for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine - Neonatologist

Expertise: Neonatology, home monitor consultations, lung diseases


Dr. med. univ. Florian Epple

Specialist for Paediatric and Allergology

Expertise: Neonatology