Introduction to our Center of Excellence

The people who entrust themselves to our care, as well as their needs, expectations and hopes, are at the heart of our work. Everyone who comes to us is met with friendliness, respect and a willingness to help.
As a teaching hospital affiliated with Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, we are actively involved in training medical students, and we work in close cooperation with the university clinics in Munich to exchange information on new treatments and operating standards. Our excellent senior physicians, with their outstanding medical training and extensive professional experience, draw on the skills of highly qualified specialists to ensure optimal patient care in our competent centres.


Klinikum Starnberg is located on beautifully landscaped grounds, and consists of a network of outpatient practice and therapy centres overlooking the city of Starnberg and beautiful Lake Starnberg. Our hospital being located in the region surrounding Munich, it is easily accessible from the International Airport Munich.

Medical Departments and Services

Our main treatment areas

  • Internal Medicine
    Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Diabethology, Stroke Therapy, Intensive- and intermediate-care
  • Surgery
    General- and Visceral-surgery, Endocrine Surgery, Oncology Visceral-surgery, Minimalinvasive and lapararoscopic operation
  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics
    Gynaecological Breast Centre, Oncology, Descensus- and incontinence diseases, Obstetrics and delivery help
  • Paediatrics
    All acute diseases of infancy, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Neonatology
  • Hand Surgery
    Treatment of all injuries and degenerative alterations of the hand and elbow as well as joints, correction of mal positions / arthritis of hand and elbow, tumours of bones and soft parts
  • Otorhinolaryngology, ENT
    Mal positions of the nose, patients with chronic sinusitis, tonsillectomy, tumour operations of the neck, mouth and the larynx
  • Plastic Surgery
    Reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery
  • Orthopaedics
    Knee- and hip-endoprosthesis, shoulder- and elbow surgery, spinal surgery, foot and ankle-joint surgery, arthroscopic surgery, sports medicine
  • Urology

Services available for international patients

  • Cost estimation for treatment upon receipt of the medical reports
    Hotel-like accommodation for patient and escort (clinic’s 4-star-guesthouse)
    English and Arabic interpreter Service
    Transfers to and from the airport (upon request)

International Patient Ward
In case of complicated surgery, there may be a medical necessity to keep the patient in the international patient ward during the first night after the surgery and before shifting her/him to the patient’s hotel “Residence”. Our specially equipped IPW is connected to all important functional areas of the clinic. The ward is used by all professional disciplines. In case of medical emergencies, an interdisciplinary Intensive Care Unit with twelve treatment beds is available.

Residence - an interdisciplinary patient ward and guesthouse

Embedded in a unique setup, The “Residence” – the clinic‘s private interdisciplinary patient ward and guesthouse – allows you to combine the privacy and comfort of a 4-star hotel with the facilities of a full-service hospital. The entire staff speaks English and an Arabic interpreter is available.


Klinikum Starnberg
Mrs. Galal-Keller
Fon: +49 8151 18 2375
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Klinikum Starnberg
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